Pre-Employment Testing – The Don’ts

You need a really good reason to order a credit check on a candidate for employment (among them – if they handle cash, or need to be bonded). Otherwise, there generally is no good reason for doing it. There is no evidence that a person with poor credit is going to be a poor employee.
Ask yourself – what is the business justification for doing it? People are starting to fight back against this practice, and you could find yourself explaining to a judge why you declined a qualified candidate because they missed a credit card payment a few years ago.

Bad Bosses Drive Away Employees

The vast majority of employees want to make good money, have good benefits, and a positive work environment. Don’t think that – just because you have good pay and benefits – that everyone will be happy. This survey out of Florida State University shows just how many employees despise their boss (and for good reasons!)

  • 39% of employees said their supervisor failed to keep promises;
  • 37% said their supervisor failed to give credit when due;
  • 31% said their supervisor gave them the silent treatment’
  • 27% said their supervisor made negative comments about them to others;
  • 23% said their supervisors blamed others to cover up their mistakes.

Yikes. Have you conducted a 180 degree survey lately? It may be time!

Conducting Performance Appraisals

Too many managers rush through their employees annual performance review. Employees crave feedback – and not just the numbers (“You’re rated a 3-out-of-5 in ‘teamwork’). A great performance review is more than a form; it’s an interactive meeting where a candid evaluation takes place, and mutual agreement occurs on goals and strategies for the following year – on both the part of the employee and employer.

So it’s the dialogue that’s important, not just the form.

Today’s BLR Report quotes Rhoma Young’s “Mistakes in Performance Appraisal Meetings”.

She’s right on.

Leadership in a Non-Leadership Role

The best way to have others identify you as a future leader isn’t to kiss up; it’s to conduct yourself in a way that shows you have leadership qualities. This writer has it right on.