Employees and their Blogs

Here’s a common sense, straight-forward way to manage the issue of employees blogging at (or about) work.

Remember – this, like all areas of HR – is about advance prevention. You need policies and procedures in advance of a situation happening and NOT waiting for the situation to happen, and then making a policy!

Problems With Reporting to Two Bosses

When an employee reports to two bosses, it creates a number of problems – especially when creating performance appraisals.

I’m spending more and more time with businesses redefining their organization chart to avoid the perils of employees having multiple reports.

Violence in the Workplace – Warning Signs

Five percent of all US businesses had a violence problem in 2006. It could literally happen to you.

The concern is identifying the person who may have the potential of violence. All of your employees should be on alert – and management should encourage any employee who has a concern to report it promptly.

A prominent author worked next to Ted Bundy for years and never knew.

It could happen to you.

Was Tony Soprano A Good Boss?

Of course not!

Although I’m not intimately familiar with the inner workings of New Jersey mobs, it’s safe to say that Tony didn’t exactly exemplify the characteristics of great managers.

Here’s the article (thanks to USA Today).

To Micromanage Or Not To Micromanage

As tempting as it is to be involved in every facet of your business, you’ll never be successful doing so – and you’ll burn out your employees in the process.

Find them, train them, develop them, and let them go.