Managing Your Boss

You always need a plan when reporting to a manager. The most successful employees are able to adapt to their boss – thus ensuring their long-term success.

This article, from the Harvard Business Review via Business Week, explains.

Workers’ Compensation Costs plummeting in California

The Workers’ Comp reforms enacted several years ago are beginning to show results, according to the Workers Compensation Research Institute.

Employers can also manage these costs on their own through wellness programs, worker awareness, and health prevention information.

Playing Online Games At Work

Several years ago, I heard a speaker mention the number one use of the internet by employees at work was to look for another job.

Today, at least 24% of all employees play online games at work, according to both PC World and the New York Times.

The Times quotes the CEO of the Stress Institute as saying this is a way for employees to ‘re-charge’, but you may feel differently.

Do you have a policy that says internet use is for business use only? Are you enforcing it?

The problem is, if one employee sees another playing games at work, that tacitly gives him/her permission to play as well. And suddenly, you have a productivity problem on your hands.

Workplace Violence Continues – How To Prevent It

The fourth leading cause of workplace deaths in America? Homicide.

Workplace violence continues unabated. In this article from the law firm of Helms Mulliss Wicker, attorney Ryan Buchanan discusses the responsibilities employers have in reducing workplace violence.

Alternative Work Schedules & Telecommuting

The cost of employee turnover is significant – about 50% of an employee’s salary. Between interviewing, hiring, training, and getting a new employee up-to-speed, the time and money it takes to replace a good employee has a significant impact – especially to small employers.

When you’ve got good employees, it’s critical to find out what’s important to them – and often, it’s a balance between work and life.

Even small businesses can easily develop flexible options for employees – and if the benefit is increased employee retention, it’s worth it.

An article in today’s Newsday outlines the benefits of such a program.

And today’s Delaware Online shows how an employee can propose a program to their employer.