Humor in the Workplace

Times are tough. And when economic uncertainties prevail in the workplace, one of the first casualties is a sense of humor, which I consider a critical component of a successful work team.

That’s bad news for productivity, creativity and the general well-being of workers, say HR and humor experts.“It’s a natural tendency for some folks to tighten up during tough times, but we need to lighten up,” warns Joel Goodman, founder of The Humor Project Inc.

There’s a need to toe the line for political correctness, of course; but humor – and having fun at work – increases productivity and morale, thus reducing turnover and gloom.

As an employer, it’s critical to always remember that a workplace that’s fun is a good workplace. And if you’re working for a company and it’s not fun: why would you spend at least a third of your life not having fun?

Thanks to Eve Tahmincioglu’s article in

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