How To Inspire Like Obama

The bad economy brings out fear among workers across America. These workers are looking to their leaders to take measures to improve the situation both in government and in their own workplace.

Instilling confidence is a key trait of all leaders, and inspiring passion is one of the most difficult traits for a new managers to learn.

How do you inspire your team when there’s gloom and doom all around?

Effective communication is the key.

Carmine Gallo, a communications coach, points to Barack Obama, who is without question an inspirational figure. But Obama is both inspirational within himself (just look at his life story and who he is) and has the unique ability to inspire others with his remarkable communication skills.

In the November 11 issue of Business Week, Gallo illustrates 7 techniques Obama uses that you can use as well:

Exude passion.
Have a clear, concise vision.
Sell the benefit.
Paint pictures.
Invite participation.
Radiate optimism.
Encourage potential.

I’ll add one more – be realistic with your employees.

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