Age Discrimination Begins Early

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) bans discrimination on the basis of age, and age in this act is defined as any employee 40 years of age or older.

Emily Brandon, writing in, quotes a report from Gray Hair Management, an Illnois-based outplacement firm. Gray Hair survey 900 executives to determine at what point does age begin to negatively affect hiring decisions. The executives said:

  • Before age 50: 24 percent
  • Between age 50 and 54: 39 percent
  • Between age 55 and 59: 23 percent
  • Age 60 or older: 11 percent

This is the first time I’ve seen statistics involving age discrimination by age.

Never ask a candidate how old they are. Never ask for proof of identification UNTIL AFTER a job offer has been given.

And never take any job action against an employee until you’re sure you can defend that action on the basis of business, and not a protected class such as age.

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