$185 Million For Wage & Hour Violations

Earlier this month, the EEOC announced that it has collected $185 million in unpaid wages on behalf of more than 228,000 workers nationwide. This was for their fiscal year 20087 alone, and represents an increase of 40% over 2001 numbers.

Violations enforced by the EEOC include minimum wage, overtime, and child labor provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

What this number does not include are class-action lawsuits and other legal proceedings where the employee didn’t bother to go through the EEOC. And in states such as California, the state has their own enforcement department.

The biggest issue facing small businesses is compliance with the complex wage and hour issues. Ignorance is not an excuse.

Special Report – Management & Leadership Trends in 2009

2009 is shaping up to be a challenging year for small businesses with a world full of unknowns. The businesses that succeed will be those who can quickly adapt to change; embrace unknowns; and innovate.

Successful small business owners don’t look at this recession as a challenge – they look at it as an opportunity. Your competition is going to struggle, but that doesn’t mean you have to.

I just published a special report for our clients – “Management and Leadership Trends for 2009”.

It’s available free by clicking here.

How To Avoid Burnout

The economy has moved the overall workforce from an ‘entitlement mentality’ to a ‘I’m just happy I have a job’ mentality.

But with layoffs already taking place and more sure to follow, it means fewer workers will have to work harder. This leads to stress and burnout – and this is a realistic theme for 2009.

It’s a major decision for an employee to make – do I hate my job? Or, – am I burned out?

If you truly hate your job, you need to quit. Life is too short to be saddled with a miserable existence for one-third (at least) of your life.

But if it’s burnout, there are a number of steps you can take to turn it around. It always starts with you. Only you can change your attitude.

Sherri Campbell and Bob Rosner of workplace911 have these tips on turning around workplace burnout.

Courtesy ABC Action News in Tampa Bay.